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neon/adam | 21

I love drawing a variety of things, but my main favorites are men, hyper, bondage, and muscles!COMMISSION STATUS: open!

Where to contact me

Main Twitter ✦ FurryAlt ✦ Furaffinity ✦ Pillowfort ✦ Cohost ✦ Itaku ✦ Bluesky ✦ Patreon ✦ Tellonym

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Sketch Page

CW: hyper cock

Colored sketch

CW: hyper cock

CW: stomach bulge

CW: tentacles


CW: Heavy musk

Flat color


CW: Hyper


CW: oviposition

CW: breeding

CW: tentacles & oviposition


Size Chart

CW: heavy musk

Commission Prices | TOS | examples | about

Sketch page

• 3 Poses minimum
+$30 for each pose added (max is 6)

Size Chart

• any genitalia is welcome (including clits)
• minimum of 2 characters
• one extra character can be added for free
• +$10 for every character added after
↑(extra character percentage does not apply to this commission)↑
•max is 6 characters total


•Pieces come with a simple background/pattern
+$10 for a trippy background
+$20 starting price for a scene background

Extra Additions

Alternate pieces (alts)
• Alts start at $10 per alt requested, and can go up to $20 depending on complexity
(Cum/No cum alts being the simplest)
•If you're wondering if the alt you want is complex, you're more than welcome to ask me and we can figure that out
•There's no limit to how many alts are requested
Panel shots
•Panel shots are $5 each
•Some examples of panel shots would be: Impregnation shots, closeup views, xray shots, etc
•If you've got an idea for something that could be considered a panel shot we can discuss it

open ych pieces

all of my open ych commissions can be found at the link above!

"will you draw x?" sheet

Commission Prices | TOS | examples | about


Content Guidelines

• Please do not attempt to commission or buy NSFW works from me if you are under 18.• I will not draw underage characters or characters who are presented as looking underage.• I will not draw non-con.• I will refuse characters who are referred to with derogatory or dehumanizing terms (cboy, fxta, hxrm, etc).• I will not draw feral porn.• to understand more of what I'm willing to draw please refer my "will you draw x?" sheet


• I only take payments via PayPal Invoices in USD.• Payment is taken upfront. Work will be started once the commission is paid in full unless discussed.• I do offer payment plans for works over $150, please feel free to ask if needed.• Payment is required within 24 hours of claiming a slot or it will be put back up!

Cancelling a commission

• I reserve the right to cancel or reject a commission at any time and for any reason• If I decide I cannot continue your commission for any reason, I will issue a refund• If you, as the commissioner, wish to cancel the commission, I may apply a fee for partially completed commissions.

As the Artist

• I retain all rights over my work, which include but are not limited to the right to use the work as a sample for sales and as a means of self-promotion• I agree not to reproduce or redistribute commissioned art for profit unless given express permission by the commissioner

As the Commissioner

• The commissioner may not claim the work as their own. Any watermarks or logos may only be removed by me.• The commissioner may not alter the artwork unless previously specified.• The commissioner may not use any part of their commission for non fungible tokens. Use of the artwork for any advertising or profits associated with non fungible tokens or cryptocurrency is strictly prohibited.• The commissioner may re-post their commission to their FA account, Toyhou.se, and the like, with proper credit linking back to the appropriate account.• The commissioner may use the finished artwork for any personal, non commercial purpose.


• During the commission process you’re free to ask for updates on your commission!
Please be courteous and don’t message me every day or multiple times a day, please! Also, please understand that sometimes it may take a day or two for me to be able to respond to your DM.
• Once I finish your commission, if I missed any details you requested or depicted your character inaccurately, just let me know!• Please do not use shouts or comments in order to get into contact with me about commissions!Thank you for considering my work!

Commission Prices | TOS | examples | about